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dark of the moon in what the Royal Navy called impudent reconnaissance, dispelled anxieties about quicksand bogs and other perils. Aides hurried in with guttering candles that limned the exasperation in Eisenhowers face. Armed guards from ten cartography depots escorted 3,000 tons of maps for D-Day alone, the first of 210 million maps that would be distributed in Europe, most of them printed in five colors. Even soldiers who sensed that history grew near and large, in the phrase of the glider infantryman and poet Louis Simpson, would undoubtedly share Simpsons feeling that no more than a hod-carrying Egyptian slave do I see the pyramids of which my bricks will. Each morning, intelligence officers scrutinized new reconnaissance photos and sent to Southwick House revised assessments of the beach obstacles sprouting along the Norman littoral, with every bunker and minefield plotted on a large-scale map. He looks older now than at any time since I have been with him. It wearies me to be thought of as timid, when Ive had to do things that were so risky as to be almost crazy. Sixteen hundred pallets weighing half a ton each and designed to be dragged across the beaches were packed with enough medical supplies to last a fortnight. Ramsay, asserted simply, He is a very great man.

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mass tire weymouth coupons

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A GI who saw As You Like It at Stratford-on-Avon pasted a"tion from Act II into his scrapbookSweet are the uses of adversity, / Which, like the toad. Aboard the Thomas Jefferson, 116th Infantry troopsalso headed for Omaha Beachate what one officer described as bacon and eggs on the edge of eternity. Outside the library, he turned to Stagg and said with a broad smile, Dont bring any more bad news. Mothers held their children aloft from the curb to watch the armies pass. He snapped at Montgomery, according to a subsequent account by Air Vice Marshal. They dont use the words initiative and boldness in talking of me, he wrote. He objected to your forged notesthe Allied invasion scrip, now being gambled away on many a troop deckwhich he decried as counterfeit money and a violation of national sovereignty, a humiliation to which not even the Germans had subjected France.

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