Steak and shake coupons frisco melt

steak and shake coupons frisco melt

minutes Servings 2 Calories 1606 kcal Author Stephanie Manley. Many other patty melts are made with a pumpernickel or other style of bread. It never hurts to try! It's worth noting that I observed. This mix of beef makes their burger patties extra unique and gives them an added flavor. Preheat the griddle to 375 degrees, if you do not have a griddle I suggest that you use a large cast iron pan. Don't finish that stack just yet.

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You will need to press the burgers into thin patties. Steak and, shake, frisco, melt unique is they do not prepare grilled onions for their sandwich, you could do this if you desire, but that isnt something that they do in the restaurant. The Swiss cheese gives you a wonderful nuttiness, and the American cheese melts into perfection. If you pay attention to how they serve you. Place the 4 slices of cheese onto the meat patties. They also use a unique mix of beef.

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steak and shake coupons frisco melt