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snip its greenville sc coupons

not redouble but reinforces battle CRY : the rousing shout or emblematic call of troops going into. Being another juvenile misapprehension, since "it ain't what ya got but how ya use it!" buffalo : a specialized 23-ton route-clearing vehicle (a heavily modified Peterbuilt Mac-10 truck) that has protective armor to resist shrapnel and small arms fire, using a push-ahead roller to detonate. Also, the dark depths of seawater that's below the level of penetration of sunlight; being at or below a depth of 90ft or two atmospheres of pressure; compare blue water, blue line, brown water. Army in 1818, and in the.S. Also, any tube-like passageway or throat-like enclosure, as in a Venturi tube, carburetor, or watch. OSS agents were supplied with "knives of last resort" that were concealed in a coat lapel or shoe heel, but belt buckle push-daggers and other unconventional shivs are too quixotic to be reliable. V: Flag Terms nb: the so-called "jolly roger featuring a skull with crossed bones on a black field, that was purportedly flown by pirates, as a declaration of "no quarter" and "non-alliance originated as the "jolie rouge a plain red flag nb: baucans (or bauccedillian). "What Peter says about Paul says more about Peter than it does about Paul" by Arthur Schopenhauer; the "narcissism of small differences" by Sigmund Freud; "When you hear somebody usin' words ag'in somebody, don't go by his words, for they won't make no damn sense.

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snip its greenville sc coupons

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V: Military Schools v: Siwash At Good Old Siwash" by George Helgeson Fitch (1911) boatswain : (bosun) an enlisted rating, running from boatswain's striker (E-2) thru Master Chief and then into Warrant Officers, commonly called "Boats a Navy and Coast Guard rating for deck crew. BAM : the unofficial usmc acronym for their "sisters-in-arms meaning Broad-Assed Marines; as derived from the fact that only twelve women could sit side-by-side on the "six-by" truck benches, which normally held fourteen fully-equipped males! Also, the platform from which a vessel is controlled and navigated; see helm, plot, bridge deck, flying bridge; compare goony golf lake george coupons cockpit, conning tower, pilothouse. Feels like a BB gun. Compare RED ball; see LOG-PAC, MSR. V: "The breeze from the flutter of a butterfly's wings will create a storm in the next valley." v: "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury butterfly trigger : an actuating tongue or lever, as positioned at the rear of a heavy belt-fed machinegun, between. Cf: cyborg, android, automaton; v: humanoid, mannequin, homunculus, golem, Frankenstein's monster, yahoo (degraded brute booboisie (H.L. A form of collaborative mobocracy (ochlocracy). Air Force (usaf by association with its blue-SKY operational environment, and with the implication of the implacable monolithic authority of AIR power; reference probably derives from an extension of its namesake, the IBM supercomputer, since the Air Force is so thoroughly technologized.

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