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etc by i-Star. Inside this resale shop, Scrooge sees two women and a man; it soon becomes clear that they are discussing the possessions of the dead man Scrooge has been hearing about. 'Old Scratch has got his own at last, hey?' one man says. This ghost is silent, and Scrooge is unnerved by the way the ghost gestures with its hand. The Corpse on the Bed, the ghost next shows Scrooge a corpse. Unlock Content, over 75,000 lessons in all major subjects. Instead, it vanishes into the bedpost.

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He cannot make out any features of the ghost; a ghostly hand is the only part of the phantom visible to Scrooge. The man and his wife agree that whoever takes over the man's affairs could not possibly be as cold-hearted and demanding as their deceased landlord. Emergency Lighting Etekcity 4-Pack.99 Emergency Lighting Plug-in with battery backup, portable lanterns, crank-up flashlights with radios, traditional flares and more. 65, next, cNET may get a commission from these offers. Cookie Policy for more details including how to disable cookies.

Want to learn more? Instead, the dark figure's hand points toward the grave where Scrooge reads his own name. A Terrifying Ghost, when The Ghost of Christmas Future appears, Scrooge sees a figure wearing a black garment. The body lies in a bedroom that has been stripped of its furnishings. The ghost finally returns Scrooge to his bedroom.

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