Craftsy coupon code black friday

craftsy coupon code black friday

both. Why we love it: Knitting Daddy shares his passion for knitting. Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now or send me a message on twitter. Find Nice and Knit on Instagram Pinterest Why they love it: An addicted knitter who also loves to share her ideas and thoughts about knitting. Why we love it: KnitPicks offers great projects, patterns and knitting ideas. Find The Twisted Yarn on Facebook Instagram Why they love it: Martha and her colleagues started with a simple concept until it grew and now their community lives through the art of needle crafting, specifically through crochet and knitting. She is a yarn craft nerd and had been crocheting for 7 years and knitting for 6 years. Why we love it: A Friend to Knit shows her passion for knitting.

Head over heels in love with designing. Find Planet Penny on Instagram Pinterest Twitter Facebook Why they love it: Sarah is a yarn-crafter, freelance designer, occasional spinner and she loves to share her knitting patterns, projects and tutorials Why we love it: Crafts from the Cwtch is full of knitting inspiration, the. They have a lot of videos and tutorials to watch and to learn from. Find Kristen Kapur Designs on Pinterest Twitter Facebook Instagram Why they love it: Vickie Howell is making creativity accessible through encouragement, education, cool projects and inspirational interviews via online media.

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Find This is Knit Blog on Twitter Why they love it: Alana is a knitwear designer, Knitting Boutique store owner and podcaster. Enjoy all the fabulous new found knowledge. Why we love it: The Stitches and Spoonfuls dyes ethically sourced Canadian wool using natural dyes. Shes a knitwear designer and knitting teacher. Find m on Twitter Facebook Instagram Why they love it: Grumperina loves to share her knitting projects (particularly shawls) and loves to craft too. See more online shopping deals! She enjoys being creative with her designs and loves sharing her experiences and inspiration with her readers. Why we love it: Littlebobbins has made a lot of crafty inspiration, home made goodness and spends a lot of time studying arts and textiles. Find Yards of Happiness on Instagram Why they love it: Susan loves to knit every spare moment she can find.

craftsy coupon code black friday