Aldi 40 off coupon scam

aldi 40 off coupon scam

required to convince all my older female relatives that the aldi coupon theyre sharing on coupon code walgreens photo poster print Facebook is fake. There is a coupon that has state restrictions with the same url (just change the 2 at the end to a 4 so there are two versions of the coupon from corporate. In March, the company said it was again alerting USA fans about the fake coupon. Youll save 10 off any 40 purchase. Aldi deals running this week for an idea of what to buy. . "Were working on fixing the situation, so if youd like to help us out and spread the news, feel free to share this post. Theres a fake aldi coupon making its way around the internet again.

In case you are curious this is hosted directly on Aldis site, so if anyone says its not legit just point them to the url. . If there is a legitimate offer circulating online, chances are that the company would starting circulating it online on their own. According to a statement issued by the company, the aldi 75 coupon is fraudulent and should not be taken seriously by consumers. It's one of more than a half-dozen times aldi has notified customers of the reoccuring scam.

aldi 40 off coupon scam

Aldi has a coupon for 60 off a minimum 70 purchase. Aldi has verified this is a scam, but people are sharing it all over facebook. Aldi, giving Away 40, off, coupons -Scam! Summary of eRumor: A 40 off, aldi coupon is making the rounds online.

Shannon shan_nonsense) April 21, 2016, the aldi 75 coupon is now added to the growing list of fake coupons, gift cards, and promotional offers circulating on social media in recent weeks. "aldi does not issue electronic coupons. Read our disclosure here. First, the anniversary raises concern especially for longtime aldi customers that are familiar with the companys history and overall timeline. The fraudulent aldi 75 coupon circulating online was advertised as a 75 gift coupon.

aldi 40 off coupon scam

The Truth: A 40, aldi coupon that has appeared on social media sites is a scam.
Shoppers are warned 40 off, aldi voucher being circulated on the internet is a scam, the supermarket has said.
Voucher offering people discount off all items.
Aldi is published online.