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denoted is of the 1956-built Swindon Inter-City units of which the initial allocation was split between the Western Region (for such workings) and the Scottish Region (for Edinburgh-Glasgow services). A to B Books, 304. Such opinions as these might suggest that there can be little common ground with David Henshaw's newly-revised edition of his 22-year-old book. Edgington W27 Merstone at Ventnor West on 13 September 1952 (T.J. 61864 at south end of Perterborough North station with train for east? The transect of the Wrexham, Mold Connah's Quay Railway with the lnwr line from Chester to Mold seemed to be a fruitful source of spurs which never opened due the changes in railway politics. 60814 to take over express for King's Cross;. A green and pleasant land: brochure work for the centenary of the GWR in 1935. .

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None of these objectives was in fact fulfilled and the accounts here, both of the vast and utterly bewildering structure of measurement and supposed risk-transfer and of the comprehensive failures along the way, make sobering reading. Ms Jackson holds distinguished office in the Historical Model Railway Society and so she comes well equipped to ferret out appropriate sources and to turn a well- informed eye on the railways' most troubled years. There is a posed picture of women cleaners at Gorton cleaning a Robinson 8A 0-8-0. The word Barnum entered the railway literature: both the GWR and lnwr (Webb) had locomotive types known as Barnums and the GCR had rolling stock lnown as Barnums: Fell does not consider that there is any direct connection with the circus train. 252 Readers' Forum.