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and crazy idea to celebrate at your tweens 11th and 12 birthdays. Which is your favorite Ashley Nell Tipton piece from her line? At the party scene arrange for peel masks and different facial masks along with cucumber slices for the tweens and assembled guests. What do you think?

So you can plan a birthday party for him/her on 11th and continue it on 12th also. So organize a place for dance floor where they can dance and enjoy. Each player starts roaming around in a room one start as a murderer, the other players are unknown who is the murderer. Fill a bag with all types of crazy clothes such as bikinis, funny glasses, large underwear, and hats.

Actually, to be frank, the reason which inspired me writing this list is my nephews 11th birthday (his name is Eddy which his parents organized. These pictures will be cherished when they will be fully grown. The assembled girls and boys will surely love this unique idea of a spa party theme. Let them try different colors of nail polish at the nail polish counter. It comes with 3 gorgeous pins that adds even more character to this stunning piece. So without wasting any time I would like to share few games that I want to suggest you that you can manage for your kid. Fashion Show theme At the 11th and 12th birthday party, you can arrange a fashion show theme to entertain the guests and the assembled girls and boys will like to participate. The game repeats till the last winner.